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  • Syafdia Okta

    Syafdia Okta

    A lifelong learner

  • Jack Shirazi

    Jack Shirazi

    Working in the EG Reliability Engineering team. Also: founder of JavaPerformanceTuning.com; Java Performance Tuning (O’Reilly) author; Java Champion since 2005

  • Roger Chapman

    Roger Chapman

    Software Engineer helping teams build scalable microservices in Go and gRPC

  • Dipesh Dulal

    Dipesh Dulal

    Software Developer at Wesionary.Team

  • Luan Figueredo

    Luan Figueredo

    Software architect passionate about tech

  • Louis Petrik

    Louis Petrik

    Finance, Programming & Psychology. Figuring out life, one idea at a time.

  • Iman Tumorang

    Iman Tumorang

    Software Engineer - Writer - Open Source Enthusiast - Startup Enthusiast. Reach me out in https://bxcodec.io for fast response :)

  • Jon Chew

    Jon Chew

    Engineer @ Airbnb

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